things i’d like to paint
an ongoing investigation into painting’s relationship to time-based visuals.
the outcome spans a variety of mediums including
paintings, video, photographs, and installations


-can painting exist in any medium?-

Painting holds a certain status and level of influence over the art canon.Art making has always evolved simultaneously with technology; painting specifically has progressed with the discovery and incorporation of new tools. These tools have directly challenged the way we define the medium, and in turn evolved the art form and its constraints. This has resulted in exploration of methods and approaches all revolving around issues that painting shares with alternative medias. My current endeavor is to re-envision painting through a digital media lens.To re-envision doesn't necessarily mean to re-invent, but to continue painting's transformation as a medium. By capturing paint's formal qualities into a digital format, the possibilities of manipulation, presentation and finalized aesthetic are widened. To parallel a stroke with an edit, a canvas with a lcd-panel or a collage with a compositing technique is an intriguing thought. With the incorporation of digital tools comes a new dialog between convention and progression. Each informs the other. The ability to realize and envision the otherwise unattainable is a new luxury. In regards to artistic mediums, tradition must react to emerging technologies, while new medias must recognize precedence. The result: mediums meld, barriers dissolve and the art canon progresses. In challenging notions of placement, substrate and duration hopefully the definition of a painting is broadened. In turn, time-based imagery's ongoing advancement is stressed and compared with the evolution of the static image. The motivation for this comparative approach stems from the notion of a universal language applicable to all picture planes.

-painting can exist in any medium?-