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48 original collages on paper, 8"X10"

exhibited at Copper Country Community Arts Center Hancock, MI.


This series consists of 48 original collage/mixed media works on paper. Each work is comprised of small ephemera collected throughout any given week. Once a small archive was amassed, 3-5 works were completed every studio sitting. The series was complete once every other page in a moleskin notebook was filled with imagery. The resulting compositions were digitized, and reproduced in compendium format.

A short run of 10 hand stitched books were created.

//////////////////// paper21.jpg paper15.jpg paper08.jpg paper07.jpg paper35.jpg paper14.jpg paper38.jpg paper33.jpg paper32.jpg paper25.jpg paper23.jpg paper04.jpg paper06.jpg paper09.jpg paper03.jpg paper19.jpg paper20.jpg paper22.jpg paper12.jpg paper11.jpg