image maker / educator



built w/ indexhibit

an attempt to overwhelm

digital print on vinyl, video projections, looping dvd video, 45'X12'


This project's effort is to combine both kinetic and static imagery in a seamless aesthetic experience. Two video projections interact with the surface of the static print.

The center wall displays the video "three interpretations of one wall" in which the alley wall takes on three different visual projects courtesy of a small boy executing a chalk drawing, a young man hanging what appears to be framed artwork, and a business-man posting a series of adverts. The left wall contains an image of a city dumpster, in which "designer trash" is projected atop. the dumpster morphs through a series of artist-designed and popular designer patterns.

Non-commercial design has been used to describe this piece. Both popular imagery and aesthetic have been employed to create an overwhelming aesthetic experience. This installation dealt with the pop carousel that exists within consumer culture, but served as a departure point for the formal investigation into static 2-d imagery and motion video.